Lex Evan
Lex Evan

When using the binary pronouns, he and she, we have all been trained to make assumptions based on visual and vocal cues about human identity. With groundbreaking visibility and acceptance levels in recent decades, Queer, Transgender, and Non-Binary people have shown us that human identity transcends these societal and cultural…

Lex Evan

The term Queer remains in a state of ambiguity, embraced by younger generations and challenged by LGBT elders, leaving the cishet world utterly confused about whether it is okay to say it aloud. For the record, I identify as Queer, and yes, you can say it.

It is not without…

Love, Victor

North America releases more than 700 films a year, which yields a lot of competition for awards. History has proven Queer stories offer ripe material for distinction. The first film to win the Academy Award for best picture was a subverted Queer story featuring the first gay kiss in cinema…

Photo showing a collection of balloons with a sky background. Half of the balloons are yellow with a happy smilie face, the other half are pink with a sad smilie face.
Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash

In our minds, and in the minds of others, our names form and shape ideas of who we are. What happens when the name you are given becomes a tool to suppress who you truly are?

My birthdays have usually brought an onslaught of trauma with people using my former…

Lex Evan

Creative Director, Brand Strategist, & Writer. ✌️he/they. Queer. NB. lexevan.com

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