Failing to Succeed: Why I’m Shutting Down My Startup

And How to Set Yourself Up to Learn from Failure

Education and Curiosity: A Foundation for Success

As a child, I wanted to try everything — I have always been curious to understand how things work in the world. My mother encouraged me to explore my curiosity, but she never forced me to stick with anything when my interests shifted towards something different. Instead, she taught me to embrace my curiosity without fear.

Awareness and Intention: Failing to Improve

You will not be great at everything you do the first time you do it, so you must be aware that you will fail when approaching new skills. You must also not let failure catch you by surprise; otherwise, you will not be prepared to learn. Setting your intention to learn from failure will ensure you improve when you do fail.

Strengths and Weaknesses: Learning Through Failure

I have read that investors are not keen on founders who have not failed because failure teaches you what you do not know and highlights the areas in which they can best assist you, your weaknesses.

Passion and Purpose: Fuel for Success

My passion for LGBTQ+ activism and advocacy was awoken by the words of Lady Bunny when I watched The Out List in 2015. That moment set me on a path to uncover the history of my Queer identity. I learned how LGBTQ+ acceptance evolved through the decades and about the people who sacrificed their lives to make the world a better place for my generation. I thought I was brave when I had shared my Queer identity as a teenager, but in my quest for history, I discovered my courage flowed through me from generations of courageous LGBTQ+ activists. That is when I began thinking of how I would show up for future LGBTQ+ generations.

Acceptance and Liberation: Knowing When to Fail

Alt Pronouns was supposed to be the last one — the startup that took off and allowed me to quit my day job and work for myself. It was going to be the “I told you so” to everyone who rolled their eyes at me starting yet another business. It wasn’t.

Reflection and Analysis: Learning Takes Time

I know I have grown immensely from running this business — it has been my most successful startup to date. However, I also know that it will take time to understand what exactly this journey has taught me.



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