Why Accepting Trans Identity Will Not Erase Your Own

Graphic: “Trans Women Are Women. Trans Men Are Men.”
Lex Evan

Cognitive Empathy

Pull Quote: “You cannot debate someone else’sLived reality because it requires youto rewrite your own…”

The Construct of Identity

Pull Quote: “You do not need to attack trans identitiesto express your own…”

Express Yourself Without Hate

To J.K. Rowling, and those likeminded,


Updates 6/11/20

  • She claims to have been seeking a nuanced conversation, but I do not believe that. Making an insensitive mockery of trans identity does not show one is seeking a discussion.
  • Citing the violence of cis men as a tool to suppress and reject trans identity and equality is harmful, ignorant, and abusive. Ultimately, this violent narrative perpetuates the myth that trans people are perverse.
  • I still believe she fears accepting trans women as women, will somehow erase her own lived reality as a cis woman. One that, as she shares, has been shaped by the trauma, abuse, and violence she faced as a woman, as well as the shared trauma and oppression of cis women throughout history.
  • The accepted term for a person who identifies with the gender they were assigned at birth is cisgender. Her insistence on using the word “biological” is both disrespectful and separatist. It is not the perspective of someone who supports and accepts trans identity, as she claims she does.



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